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2022 Scholarship Gala

The annual Scholarship Gala will not be held in person this year; however, now is the time that our students need help the most.

Scholarship funds are critical in a student's decision, or ability, to attend Trine (last year alone we awarded more than $36 million in institutional aid). And even though we cannot host a physical event this coming February, it is essential that we keep the spirit of Gala alive. Our students simply cannot afford us taking a year off. We ask you to reimagine the Gala and to embrace its spirit by redirecting the dollars you would have invested before, during and after the event into the Trine University 2022 Gala Scholarship Fund, that will continue to enrich the lives of our students. Since its inception, the Gala has raised millions of dollars for Trine University student scholarships, last year alone raising $1.3 million. 

Books and Beyond Scholarship Program

Books and Beyond Scholarship program has become an important part of the University’s annual Scholarship Gala. Trine University students receive financial assistance from institutional, federal and state resources to help them with tuition. In fact, more than 98% of Trine University students receive scholarship grants or other financial aid to assist them with the normal costs of tuition, room and board. However, every year we have students who struggle with finding the money necessary for textbooks, basic school supplies, project materials, etc. 

The $500 Books and Beyond Scholarships are funded by donors and given to deserving students, who without this additional assistance would face the stress and pressure of trying to do without these basic academic resources or borrowing additional funds and increasing the debt they will carry following graduation. The Books and Beyond Scholarships assist financially needy students in the following ways: purchase of textbooks, personal computers/laptops, basic school supplies, e-textbooks, and project materials. These scholarships can also be used to provide meal and travel assistance for students and tuition gap assistance for eligible students. Drs. Rick L. and Vicki L. James and The James Foundation, Inc. have very generously pledged to match dollar for dollar up to $300,000. We invite our alumni and friends to respond generously to this opportunity to help our neediest students succeed in their studies at Trine University.

If you need any more information or help with your donation, pleace contact the Office of University Advancement at 260-665-4114 or