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Storm is a very busy guy, but it turns out - he may have some extra time for his favorite fans!

If you want to have Storm appear at your event, fill out the form to check his availability.

Request Timeline
All requests should be received at least three weeks prior to the event. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Requests will be responded to in five (5) to seven (7) business days. Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance.
In the event that an appearance must be cancelled, Spirit Department personnel must be given three (3) days prior notice.
Storm is available for appearances throughout the year; however, the summer months, as well as, winter break may be harder to fulfill.

Appearance Fees
Appearance fees vary based on the type of appearance.
On-campus and athletic event appearances are free of charge.
External appearances are $50 per hour. All off-campus parking and mileage must be covered. $.55/mile.

Storm fees are necessary to maintain the upkeep of the mascot costume's cleanliness as well as to provide funding for additional staff support for Storm when traveling.

Additional Appearance Requirements
Accurate directions, location, on-side contact and on-site phone number must be provided.
A private and secure changing room must be provided for the mascot to change and keep belongings locked during the appearance. Water, preferably bottled, must be provided to the mascot.
The mascot cannot be required to be inside the suit for longer than a maximum of one (1) hour at a time before taking a break. If the appearance is outdoors, please allow extra breaks during that allotted time. The mascot is unable to perform in severe weather.


Mascot Appearance Request